Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Always Entertaining

One of the reasons I'm so glad that Pie & I were able to find our acreage is so that I can be around my horses more.  They're always entertaining. 

For instance Sunday night I went to check on everyone when I got back from a work function (bowling, poorly done but lotsa fun).  It was super cold out and it looked like George & Rootbeer were out of hay.  I couldn't see their hay net anywhere - they share a square bale in a slow feeder net - but it was dark so I just tossed them loose hay over the fence and made a mental note to find it in the morning.
So Monday morning I'm out doing chores, I glance into their pen on the way to get grain for the cows and I couldn't see the net.  Hmmm... They do drag it around as it gets emptier.
Cows get their grain and I go to search for the nets... the little brats had dragged them into their shelter and were happily munching away! lol  Meanwhile the hay I'd tossed the night before is just sitting by the fence.

Monday morning Lefta & Odin decided to put on a show of their own.  Lefta was running and bucking.  Odin was performing a gorgeous, floaty long trot along the fence by the alleyway.  He'd stop and blow warning snorts then take off running and running with his tail flagged out behind.
Poor Applejack was left to dodge out of the way whenever one of those two fireballs got too close to his personal space.
I stood there for about 15-20 minutes just watching them play and taking in the beauty of it.

I love living where my ponies live!


  1. its more work , but I couldn't agree more. I have always lived right with my stock, a week away and I am beside myself

  2. yup the sure can be interesting and fun to watch, i too love living with them in my yard.

  3. I totally agree. I love my ponies in my back yard! I can monitor them and enjoy their beauty whenever I want. When Brandy and Fritzy were in training at a barn about 6 years ago I really missed seeing them out my back window. The only good thing was that they didn't have to stand in mud all winter. But I sure do like them at home. I have always been lucky and have been able to keep horses at home. I think it would be so hard to have to board. Although an indoor arena is a major plus when boarding!

  4. It really is fun watching them. I have always felt so fortunate to have our horses with us here at home. I do miss my goats...they were always up to something!


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