Friday, October 5, 2012

Real Life Intrudes...

The "Best Summer", which had morphed into the Horrible Summer, has faded into fall.  With the end of August the end of my severance pay was looming and it was time to think about finding a job.
Being a procrastinator I waited until September, put together a resume and started looking.  Fortunately within days I had two interviews booked.

btw I hate interviews.  I suck at sales and, at least to me, an interview seems like you're making a sales pitch with yourself as the product.

 The Tuesday interview had said she was deciding by the end of the week so when I hadn't heard from her on Friday I was extra grateful for the second interview.
My Thursday interview called and offered me a job the next day, it also happened to be the job that I preferred so I said yes. 
The following Monday the other job called and offered me a spot, I already had the job that I had preferred PLUS she was later with her offer so I turned it down.

So what is the new job?  Well I'm back in hotels... working the front desk at a brand new property (it's 5 months old)  I'm grateful to be "just front desk" and have no supervisor/management aspects to my job.  For starters the program they use is one I'm not familiar with, and also I've had enough responsibility for awhile.  It's nice to be "just one of the guys" for a change.
So far my coworkers seem to be a good bunch and management seems decent.  My wage should put me fairly close to what I made at the restaurant.  The only thing is that my hours are all  over the place.  But hey, at least I can still see Pie sometimes (the other job I would only see him for a couple hours on Saturday before he went to work and maybe on Mondays)
So as of September 19th I'm back in the real world...

It's just been an adjustment, figuring out who does what and when.  Teaching and showing Pete the stuff I do that he needs to do if I'm working and things like that.  Things are coming together though, I'm finally feeling better and hoping to fit some pony time in around work and fall/winter prep :)


  1. Hope this job works out well for you. By the way, loved the photos of the two "buddies" they sure have grown into good looking boys.

  2. I didn't realize you weren't at the restaurant anymore. I hope you enjoy your new job! I know it can be hard (an understatement), but I've always loved customer service jobs.

  3. Congrats on the new job!!
    I'm like you when it comes to interviews, but I was always the "interviewer" when I worked retail management. Hated it.
    I know what it's like not seeing the hubby, working at the Arab farm, my OH and I only had Sundays together and then being away at horse shows we wouldn't see each other at all. It was way worse when he worked graveyard. So happy it's not like that anymore! Sounds like you guys are getting it all figured out!!

  4. Congrats on the new job!!! Sounds like a better fit. I am so glad I don't have to work, I don't know how people have time for work ;)


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