Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well it wasn't a Funder ride...

But we don't really have the trails around here to do endurance, or even "minidurance".  However it was the start of getting some real miles on my ponies.
The last two summers, since we moved out to our place, I've either ridden in the pastures or the arena.  Pretty boring and I know I didn't put as many miles on as I should.  Then again when I boarded all I did was ride in the arena or ditch ride by the highway.
Over coffee a couple of my friends & I were talking about riding to each other's houses.  I went on Google Earth and plotted the course, more to check distance than as a map (obviously I know where they live lol)
While I was playing around on GE I also mapped out a few routes, again to track distance as I  know where I am.  They're basically all still just ditch riding.  Around here its all acreages, farms and pastures.  Unless we ride in one of our pastures & arenas or haul somewhere that's about all there is around here for riding. 
BTW thanks to GE  I now know that the track in our pasture is 3/4 mile and although not a perfect oval its not as irregular as I had thought.
Yesterday Voodoo & I met up with Deville & Shann and we rode what we're calling "the small block" (or the south small block).  From my barn, out and back it was 5 3/4 miles.
Voodoo was a complete ass jerk while I tacked him up but once I lifted up the bridle he was eager to hit the road (haha).  Both Deville & Voodoo were awesome!  Very forward the whole ride but not chargey or jiggy.  We got in quite a bit of trotting & loping as the ground permitted.  We really need to watch for wet spots and holes, not to mention trash (which thankfully wasn't that bad).
One nice thing about this mild winter we had, my horses that were on pasture sure kept nice condition.  Voodoo's cinch has been on the same hole without a hay belly from standing around in the pens.  And while he's not conditioned he isn't as out of shape as I would have thought, he just worked up a light sweat on our ride (and he's still got winter hair)
Next time I hope to get some pics or videos (not that there will be much to look at lol).  I didn't take my camera this time because of how Voodoo was acting when we were getting ready.  I really thought he was going to be a handful.


  1. I much prefer to go somewhere when riding too. Otherwise I tend to get bored and want to head home. And we have lots of pasture to ride in, just seems like same old all the time unless there is a job to do.

  2. Sounds like the ride went well!! I can't wait to get out on my first trail ride of the year! We just need it to quit raining, and my horses get shoes on Monday. Soon!!

  3. That really sounds like my kind of ride. Glad Voodoo, behaved himself. I don't think your pictures will be boring either, I like seeing the different venues.

  4. I have to say that having Flirt here has kept Moo and Case in better condition than expected too. The drama keeps them moving around, I guess.


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