Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playing cowboy

We got the cows tagged a couple weekends ago (yes I know, bad blogger!)  We're not really set up for doing something like that, no chutes, no headgate, etc but we managed to redneck it together.  J&L, the people that owned our place before us, had set up the arena so that J could practice roping.
So we herded our little herd out of their pen and across the alley to the pen that opens to the arena.
From there we set up corral panels to squeeze them down the 'chute' between the arena and slab fence.  We used a couple boards and a makeshift door to hold them in place as one at a time we checked them, gave them their shots & dewormer and tagged them with purple numbered ear tags.
Hera looks like she's helping here but she's just wondering what the cows are doing in this pen lol

Now that they're all numbered we can identify which cow is which, I've always known that this heifer is my Tasty because of her torn ear.
We decided that heifers 2 & 3 are mine and 4 & 5 are Mom & B's (stepdad)  That would make this little girl my second heifer, whom I've named May Belle.  I can identify her at a glance now too, her right horn is a little stubby and blunt. 
That's Chuck the steer hiding behind her.  Of the 5 he's the only one without horns, go figure lol.  We gave him the #1 tag.
Mom named their heifers Belle and Flossy, however I don't know which number goes with which name and I can't easily tell them apart without seeing their numbers so I just call them BOTH Flossy Belle lol


  1. And aren't they all so darn adorable! Such cute names. I would get confused on telling them all apart. Thank goodness for tags!

  2. They are cute, but I bet they are going to be good on the BBQ! Good that they are all tagged and ready to go out and grow up!

  3. Where there's a will, there's a way. ;-)

  4. You bringing a bull in this summer to breed, or sending them out so someone elses?

    1. From what I've been able to dig up on Dexters they're slow to mature so we probably won't breed them til next year.
      Talking over the bull options with my step-dad.

  5. He-he...sounds like us! I like the term "redneck it together"!! Very exciting though...they all look good.


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