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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What was I thinking?

Its going to be a crazy busy next couple days. Because its Ed Wright clinic time!!
Truck and trailer are hitched up, although neither one found the time to get themselves washed (which I think is pretty darn inconsiderate of them! I understand the trailer needs the truck to take it but the truck could have found time lol)
Saddle, pad, boots and assorted headstalls are loaded. Brushes & liniment (maybe liniment will be more for me?). Everything but the hay bag and the horse. (Voodoo is the "lucky" candidate)
As for me, I literally just got home from work. And I'm nervous. Truly.
So nervous I had the following dream, which I will summarize for you:

I go to clinic. I suck. SO bad that Ed tells me I'm wasting his time as well as everyone else's. Oh and I'll never be a decent barrel racer OR rider and my horse is pathetic too.

So to try to chill out I came up with the following goals for the clinic:

Show up with an open mind.
Don't make a fool of myself.
Don't eat dirt.
Don't cry.


  1. How about some positive thoughts like:
    Enjoy each moment.
    Learn something new.
    Smile and laugh, especially at myself.

    Sounds like this clinician has a way of belittling his students if he's making them cry; remember, he doesn't know you, so just give everything your best effort- if that's not enough for him, it's enough for you and your horse.And that's what matters.

  2. Learn, learn, learn, that's all that counts.

  3. I say go see wht he has to say then decide if that works for you. If he says you suck and are wasting his time, I say he shouldnt be having clinics!
    Im sure it will be a fun time and hopefully learn something new!

  4. I hate those dreams you try to be all tough and cowgirl up they your unconscious kindly brings up all your insecurities and throws them in your face always at the best of times. Sorry. Those dreams suck.

  5. You are going to do great, i just know it! And shame on that truck of yours for not getting cleaned up and making sure the trailer got cleaned too!

  6. After reading your post-clinic post, sounds to me like you met and exceeded all of your goals.
    Well done!