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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So how was your day?

Last night we got our first snow of this winter (even though its still technically fall according to the calendar)
Doesn't look like much in this pic but it wasn't done yet...
The dogs & indoor kitties decided it was a good evening just to chill out. Tucker had been curled up in my chair with me when he moved to the couch so he could stretch out.
As you can see he didn't quite make it ALL the way onto the couch lol

Lola took over the empty loveseat
By the time I went to work this morning there was more snow. Not a lot by any means, just enough to make things crappy when you combine the snow with the not too cold temps and high winds.
The highway was icy and slushy... stupid slush got hold of my tires and pulled me into the ditch. (I wasn't even going fast, I was going 70 km/hr and the speed limit is 100)
I managed to stay calm and in control and ALMOST got out of that ditch. Unfortunately I was running out of room to make it back onto the road and that part of the ditch was very steep. The steepness and the icy slush on the grass sucked my poor little Chevy right back into the ditch.
It could have been much worse though. Those ditches are FULL of sloughy water. If I had panicked and not kept my cool I probably would have landed right in it. As it was when my vehicle came to rest the back tires were in the water.
Onstar put me through to roadside assistance, the wait for a tow was 45 min to an hour (which means at least an hour to an hour & a half lol). Some Good Samaritans had stopped to help and offered to drive me in to the city and drop me off at work :)
(over 30 cars drove by before anyone stopped)
Roadside wouldn't tow without someone there so I abandoned my poor vehicle to make arrangements later. When I got to work I tried to 'accidentally' leave some money on the back seat but the GS saw it and literally threw it out the window onto the ground lol. Such nice people and I have no way to thank them!
From work I made arrangements with Roadside to be picked up after work by the tow truck driver and taken to my vehicle. When we got there we boosted it and winched it out.
Not sure if you can tell from this crappy cell pic but its pretty close to the road and those back tires are in water... yikes!
From there I made it home safely. Now here's hoping Pie makes it home safe tonight after he's done work!!


  1. Oh wow...Yea, my day was definitely better than that.

    Welcome to winter huh? Glad you and your vehicle were okay though.

  2. I'm so glad someone stopped to help you and take you to work. I know what it's like to be stuck and helpless.

    I wonder if in Canada you have the same options for tires that we do. There are no studded snow tires in Germany - people use "winter tires" 6 months a year, they are just another type of rubber, but they really grip, I drove so much in the snow these last few years and I rarely had trouble. I don't understand how these winter tires work, but it is like magic.

    Glad you and your Chevy are safe.


  3. So glad you're OK - that's pretty scary!

  4. Time to get the snow tires on huh? ;)

    Glad you are OK and the car is OK too! Pie make it home?

    Tucker is just SO not right! LOL Tooooo stinkin cute!!!!

  5. Glad you made it through that with only inconvenience- it could have been much worse. I like my truck for winter driving, 4 wheel drive and all! Interesting about the tires Lytha mentioned.

  6. Ugh - what a hassle... Glad you and the truck are ok though!!!

  7. Crappy! But also nice to hear that some good hearted people stopped to give you a hand... I guess that is the silver lining:)

  8. Bah! Snow :(

    Glad you made it out of the ditch safely, though. We have the first snow of the year here, too, and everything was wet, slushy and just cold enough to be slippery. Brrrrr....

  9. wow! You guys can keep that cold weather there! My boston is just like yours, half the time she never fully makes it to her destination before stopping to pass out! Lol they're the best breed!

  10. Yuck! Glad you're okay! We had rotten weather too but not as bad as what you guys got.

  11. ewww, I am so not looking forward to snow or winter.
    Tucker is funny, half on and half off the couch, lol.

  12. Yuck not a good way to start into winter, good no damage to limb or vehicle. Yay good samaritan, nice there are still some out there.....scary that it took that many going by before a good one came along.....oh well all's well that ends well.

  13. Wow! What an adventure! I'm glad you weren't injured or your vehicle damaged. And how wonderful that some GS were there to help you get to work.

    We've not had any snow here yet. We typically get snow in early October, but our temps have been in the 60's(F) during the day and only into the 30's and 40s at night. It's been such a mild Fall compared to last year. I hope this is a sign our winter will be mild, too.