Saturday, February 6, 2010

So true

*photo is not mine*


  1. I feel like the one who pulls puppies out of trees ... a lot.

  2. Amen sista. Not only has my a$$ been in that tree, but I've pulled a few out now and again ;)

    Have a fun one up there girlfriend!!

  3. Too funny! Poor little rascal! Here's to all the kind souls who have helped me out over the years.

  4. Love your blog! I'm from Vancouver but live in Northern California. I will be back.

  5. I'm grateful for all the generous folks who've pulled my behind out of stuck places, too.
    Cute photo.

    How ya doing?


  6. I love this picture!!.... I have a friend who has a hound that is always sticking his head and shoulders above her adobe fence, because he climbs up on the horno oven.... it cracks me up....he has even been known to squeeze himself inside the oven, as if its a doghouse!... but, getting caught in betwixt trees...that's a new one!!!....

  7. The look on his face says it all.
    Ho dear!


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