Monday, February 1, 2010

Maybe we shoulda named him Earl

Do any of you remember the tv show "My Name Is Earl"? C'mon now it wasn't that long ago!
Well the title character Earl Hickey, played charmingly by Jason Lee, had a quirk that certainly seems to fit our dear Applejack... whenever he got his photo taken his eyes were closed.
I was going through a bunch of photos when I noticed that a lot of the time our silly Appy's eyes were closed or squinty. Makes getting a nice photo that much more challenging! lol
Some photographic proof, Voodoo with Applejack in the background:
Trying to get a nice early winter shot:
Even during the Santa Hat photo shoot:
If only we had known about this we might have named him Earl!


  1. I have a bunch like that too, especially Jaz.

  2. lol - too cute!! Earl would be a great name for a horse...

  3. looks like he's a little bashful! :)

  4. interesting. when i finally had a real professional photographer to get some shots of my horse baasha, she immediately noted his eye issues. he was not exhibiting symptoms that day, except what the camera caught. she says the camera catches the blinks that we cannot see.

    today i took five pics in a row of my horse, and in only one were his eyes open. i know the cold weather is bothering his eyes.

    then again, sometimes i think he is avoiding the flash that i accidentally leave on, *shrug*.


  5. I'd never noticed that before, but it's so cute!

  6. That's funny! And kinda a fitting name! LOL!

  7. LOL he does it on purpose! Very though! Man that VooDoo is BLACK! Very handsome!

  8. How cute....I had Romeo in a polar bear hat/Christmas hat this year! Yes, they hate the flash! Try turning it off if you can! Mine always look away (especially Romeo, the blue eyed Cremello) as he hates the flash directly in his eye. Luanne

  9. They really are photogenic! I think it is so funny how he always closes his eyes in pictures. My husband (John) does the same thing!

  10. horses.. you gotta love em.. great photogs
    happy trails


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