Thursday, November 5, 2009

700 miles

Took a road trip of approximately 700 miles yesterday... left the house around 7:30 in the morning and finally got home around 1 am.
Kimfer's mare, Isis, hasn't been "right" for awhile. Nothing too obviously wrong, just not right. One vet says stifle, someone else says nope. So Kimfer decided to make the big trip to Edmonton and take Isis to see Dr Charles. I was able to take the day off work (amazing!) to be her co-pilot (co-pilot/dj) and equine assistant.
The trip wasn't too bad, other than a few wrong turns due to lack of signage in construction areas. It was at these times that I reminded Kimfer that my job was co-pilot/dj NOT navigator! lol
Charlie is an amazing vet. He used to split his time between his Alberta practice and a practice in the UK. Unlike a lot of vets around here he "limits" himself to horses. I put limits in quotes because it doesn't hurt his practice one bit to provide service exclusively to horses.
Charlie works on everything from a basic backyard pony to elite equine athletes that compete internationally. And what I like best is that he treats those backyard ponies with the same consideration and thoroughness that he would an Olympian.
The good news is that Kimfer's horse will be okay. She was prescribed rest and to start taking a joint supplement. And no, it wasn't her stifle. She has inflammation in her joints. After spending the winter on light riding duty she should be ready to turn and burn in the spring :)


  1. So glad to hear Isis will be fine. That's the darn thing about it with horses-there are so many little things that can be "not quite right" and the cause can either be minor or major...but how do you know? A long trip to the right vet.;)

  2. Wow long trip for you guys!

    Glad Isis will be ok. Sometimes you just have to make the decision to get to the best vet and find out for sure...

  3. A good vet is worth the travel expense. What joint supplement is she using?

  4. Glad you guys figured out the problem. Hope she recovers well over the winter. Sounds like a great vet!

  5. Excellent news!!! Slip Isis a cookie from me please ;)

    I'm w/ Shirley- what joint supplement?? (Still looking for the right one for Bunz)

    Glad the trip went smooth, and that vet is The Right One!!!

  6. Whew! Long trip. Glad you got home safely and that Isis is ok. You're a good friend to be there for Kimfer. I'm sure she was worried.
    I hope Isis keep improving.


  7. Well, that's good news, sounds like the long trip was worth it!

  8. Wow, long trip but so worth it. We have only one vet in our whole area, and I don't know what we will do if anything ever happens to him. He is so good with my horses!

    You are a good friend! All horse owners need friends like you.

  9. Sounds like it was a long, but successful trip! I HATE when horses are "not quite right"- NQR. It can be maddening... Has Kimfer ever had a chiro look at Isis? Chiro did a world of good for Lester in his earlier years.


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