Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saskatoon Stampede & "Fat Calves"

This past weekend was the Saskatoon Stampede, a pro level rodeo. My bestie Kimfer and a few other friends were on the drill team this year. I had to miss the performances on Friday and Saturday nights (work) but as Sunday was my day off I was free to go. I went with Kimfer so not only did I get in free (always a bonus) but I got to go "behind the scenes" which was kinda neat.
It was kind of a bonus for me to get to go Sunday. Sunday's performance was dedicated to our wonderful country and our troops. A patriot song was played (sorry can't remember what it was called) and the drill team all wore red and white shirts. The shirts had white backs with a maple leaf in the centre of each.
I got a bit teary eyed when the drill finished and the girls lined their horses up in the arena while the announcer spoke. He talked about our military and how we should be grateful for them. That it is because they put their lives on the line that we have our freedoms. To not take freedom for granted or lightly. And that it is because of that freedom that we could choose to spend our day there watching that rodeo. Then a spotlight shone on an upper level section of seats. Each seat had a "support our troops" ribbon and a maple leaf. There were over 130 seats and each seat represented a soldier that had made the ultimate sacrifice.
I totally admit I got very teary eyed then. My "adopted" sister (one of my sister's good friends) has just left for her tour in Afghanistan. I worry about her but I'm happy for her... as she says "I didn't join the military to sit at home on my ass!"
Probably the funniest thing at the rodeo was when the "dresser" was getting the drill team horses ready. She was glittering their butts and got a tad carried away... she glittered 3 of the pickup horses! :o She just realized what she had done when the pickup men came walking her way. She ducked and hid between two horses until they were gone. Of course we all agreed not to tell them, hoping they wouldn't notice. Of course they did and were party poopers and brushed the glitter off.

Now on to the fat calves... I am hugely appreciative for all the support and interest for Cowboys Love Fat Calves.
However I don't want to get too carried away and have too many people writing so, for now, all the invites have been sent out.
If you didn't get an invite but would still like contribute please consider:
a) following and commenting or b) e-mailing me and I would be more than happy to put up a "Guest Post" once every week or so. e-mail
I hope there are no hurt feelings to the people that did not get an invite. I used my ultimate chicken strategy and just invited the first few people that e-mailed for an invite. I know - verrry scientific! lmao


  1. The stampede sounds like it was a lot of fun! I'd love to go behind the scenes someday! Also have always been interested in doing drill, someday! I have so many things I'd like to do, someday!!

  2. The stampede DOES sound like fun.

    As for fat calves, I'm so in denial about my weight, I'm not talking about it for the moment :-)

  3. LOL Glitter on the pick up horses... Love it!! Too bad they brushed it off - that would have been fun to see!

    Calves is a happenin' place over there ;)

  4. The stampede sounds like a great time. I would love to go behind the scenes and check something like that out. Hope you took lots of photos!

  5. Great post. Feel free to copy the Support Our Troops ribbon on the sidebar of my blog.
    Spoilsport pickup men! That would have been cute!

  6. Too funny about the pickup horses. Too bad the guys didn't get into the spirit of it.

    A little secret-I always get choked up during the National Anthem at rodeos. Just rodeos. Weird right?
    But I always get a little choked up during tributes to the troops. So many of my family has been in the military and My Honey is a former Marine. Tributes always bring it home the sacrifices some make for the benefit of us all.

  7. Very touching about the 130 seats representing soldiers who paid the ultimate price....sounds like it was a very tasteful tribute to your Canadian troops.
    Love the part about the glitter on the pickup horses...made me laugh...

  8. Silly pick-up dudes. It's not like the glitter was on THEIR butts! lol!

    Sounds like a wonderful event. I would have been teary-eyed, too. You are a very patriotic chic. I like that about you :)

    I'm looking forward to checking out Cowboys Love Fat Calves soon.


  9. What' a little "glitter" among friends? lol HEY!!! How are you! Boy I sure miss this! So a New Horse?.... Nice and SNOW? Blech he he ((hugs))


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