Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm not. I used to think its because I'm "heavy" but I know a lot of large people that are photogenic. Then there are the non-photogenic slim people. So there goes my excuse! :p
A lot of people don't like to have their picture taken, Kimfer is a great example. I have plenty of pics with Kimfer's hand waved at the camera blocking her face. lol
A few people have asked to see pics from barrel racing and I've decided to (as Kimfer likes to say) suck it up Buttercup and go ahead and post a few. My scanner isn't working for some reason though so I got my mom to scan them and e-mail them to me (Thanks Mom!) Here are the *shudder* results.

These first two are from S.B.R.A. Provincial Finals in 2007 (in Regina) My last year running Cessa. Hey the poor girl deserved to retire (even if she didn't want to) she was 26 then!
Note in the first pic I lost my outside stirrup. I hate when I do that! Also please excuse the funny faces, I had to smooch to her after she rates and starts to turn. (made for some interesting pics)

This is Applejack's first time somewhere besides a regular jackpot. Once again its S.B.R.A. Prov. Finals, 2008 this time (again in Regina) This was the second day and he was a bit better. The first day he stopped and thought "what the h..." when he saw the spectators and announcers, right at 1st barrel! It may not seem like it but I was pretty sure we were going to hit this barrel or just squeak past, that would be the reason for the "oh crap" look on my face. I was very focused on trying to get him past the barrel.

Yup, once again S.B.R.A. Prov. Finals, this past season's - 2009 (not Regina though, this was Moose Jaw). I have to say I actually kinda like this picture (wow! lol) Maybe because I'm not looking down. I do that a lot when running the pattern and have to really work on that for next season! Note once again no outside stirrup! I cowgirl'd up and kicked hard all the way to 3rd (this is 2nd barrel) and all the way home. The whole time praying that I'd be able to stop safely. What do ya know, 1 stride before I asked him to stop my foot slid back into that stirrup! :o

*photos by Mike Copeman*


  1. Nice pics. You look awesome! Nothing better than a cowgirl kicking butt on her horse. :)

  2. I think you look great in all of the pictures, actually! So there! hhahaha... I know what you mean about pictures though - I'm not photogenic either. I think it helps when you don't know your picture is being taken - like in these photos.

    I love your different expressions in each of the photos - I think they make them unique - you aren't just sitting on your horse after a Sunday ride, you are working!

    Applejack looks alot like Rusty in the last pic! I love his purple boots and your matching shirt!

  3. I hates getting my photo taken too! Fortunately, I'm usually the one on the business end of the camera. THe last photo is great- you two look good all decked out in purple, and just look at that spotted pony run!

  4. Love the pictures!

  5. You look awesome!! Seriously...woman are so funny about their pictures, we only see the worst. When I looked at your pics the first thing that popped off the page was WOW that gal's got great cheek bones and such a pretty shaped face! Ohh! I LOVE that purple shirt. Oh! And that cowboy hat in the last picture and I wish I had legs like hers! LOL We never see the good, do we?

    Thank you so much for your support with yesterdays post, as always.

  6. I heard this saying once and have never forgotten it: Women never look as bad as they think they do. Men never look as good as they think they do.

    Seriously, you look FINE. The heck with good looks — I wish I could ride that well.

  7. Yayyyy!! I am so doing a happy dance right now!


    You look AWESOME!!

    LMAO-I can't even imagine what pics of my face would look like while running barrels on Moon. Sheer terror?

  8. Well I'm proud of you Buttercup!
    You did good! And you rocked it. I'm seriously impressed seeing you riding those barrels like the true cowgirl you are. You look natural up there. And wow! Cessa looked amazing for being 26 in that photo! She looked better than most of the younger horses out there barrel racing.
    Applejack was funny in both photos because in each one, his eyes are focused in a different direction from where he's going.
    You guys looked awesome, too.

    And you look adorable in purple!


  9. Great photos! Your horses are so cute - it's nice to see them in action. Thanks for posting!


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