Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Stills ~ Signs of Autumn

A sure sign of autumn is when the horses start losing their sleek summer coats, and that fluffy undercoat for fall winter starts to come in. 
(this is Frosty)

 Another sign of fall is getting hay for the winter.  This is a photo from the rounds off our hall field last year. I couldn't bear to share the one from this year, because it's just that. One. ONE freaking bale, and smaller than these. This drought needs to come to an end.

We do have hay sorted for this year, but it's been tough. Supply is scarce and prices are high. Thankfully I've got a supplier that is really good to us and sold us squares for the same price as last year. Then we managed to get in some rounds without being totally hijacked by the price. Not much you can do though except keep your head up.


  1. Wow that's crazy! It has been a really tough year for the prairies. Dennis in South Dakota was saying that they had grasshoppers eating everything. Here's hoping that things will be better next year.

  2. Glad you have some hay. Very scarce here. Very nice photos too.

  3. Two sure signs of Autumn. Nice photo of last years hay. So sorry the weather stunted your hay this year :(

  4. Not much hay here sad. The pastures are finally getting some rain. On one large dairy farm they were sprinkling the pastures...that is the first time i have seen that.


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