Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Stills ~ Summer

 Summer means haying. Our yield has been decreasing the last few years due to the drought. Sadly this year it wasn’t just drought but also a plague of grasshoppers and this one bale is all we got. I won’t lie, I cried. 


  1. I would cry too. That looks like a nice field that would provide otherwise. Sorry friend.

  2. Yup that is sad. I hope you can find enough hay for your herd. we are lucky here, first cut goes up in early June- before it got hot and dry.

  3. I am so sorry! Why, oh, why can't we here in NY send you the rain that has kept us from getting in our hay? We got two loads of small squares back in June, and not one single bale since. I hope things turn better for you!


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