Friday, July 16, 2021

Hello My Name is ~

Voodoo <3
Black 2000 Grade gelding (suspected Arab x Quarter Horse)

Shirley over at Ride a Good Horse suggested that since it's been awhile and there have been some changes that I should introduce my herd.  

(good idea Shirley!)

I wasn't sure what order to go in... by age? by order they came to me? I'm still not sure what direction that will go in, but either way Voodoo would be #1. And #1 is who he thinks he is! lol 

Voodoo is a true black and he doesn't sun fade. In a couple of the photos he may look a bit brown/bleached but that was the settings on the auto adjust. He stands about 14.3 and is 21 this year.

If you watch my herd for a little bit you would think Voodoo was the boss, and he sure likes to give that impression. If you watch a little longer though you'd see Lefta is truly the one in charge with Voodoo being the enforcer. The only time he really challenges her is when putting feed out, Voodoo always gets his bucket first! lol
Voodoo came to me in the summer of 2009. We've trail rode, barrel raced, worked cows (team sorting, team penning, moving our little herd of Dexters when we still had them) As he got older we eased off the competitive stuff and enjoyed our time together "just riding"...

...and for a few years I spent winters taking English lessons with him.
He is hands down the smartest horse I've met. When you talk to him it seems like he understands what you're saying, regardless of tone. And there are times where you can feel/tell what he's wanting to say to you.
He figures out how to undo ropes, chains, and stall latches. There was more than one barrel racing where he untied himself and wandered around from trailer to trailer looking for me lol

In the years we've been together he has taught me, challenged me to grow, frustrated the heck out of me at times, and made me laugh and smile more times than I can count. I am forever grateful that he is in my life.

He is now more or less completely retired, at his choice. He does still have a couple important jobs though. He is still "boss horse" (or second in command to the lead mare at least) and he has helped the youngsters that have come along to learn herd manners and respect.


  1. Voodoo is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing his story & great pics.

  2. I remember when you got him! He sounds like a real character. I didn't realize he's older than Beamer. What a great partner he has been for you!

  3. He is a beauty! He sound like your heart horse...good for you!


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