Friday, May 21, 2021

Meet the new truck...

Truck shopping was pretty rough. Rude salespeople, very rude salespeople, and then not only a salesperson that was really nice but everyone in the dealership was too! If you are in the Saskatoon area I highly recommend Discovery Ford in Humboldt!

I am very happy to say that in early February I was able to bring home my "new" truck (she's a 2013) I've made a few trips with her and have been pretty happy.  There are a few upgrades that will be made to make hauling easier on her and the horses (again, grateful for handy friends!) The only fault I have for her is black. is. so. hard. to. keep. clean :(

But those days I drove her when it was cold, the auto heated seats and steering wheel were darn nice! lol


Oh, her name is Daisy!


  1. Nice truck!
    Lol.... good thing I didn't call my filly Daisy!
    I have a new to me truck too, a 2006 Ford but it won't be roadworthy for a while pending new exhaust manifolds and an alternator- but it has all the bells n whistles too, including heated seats! Can't wait!
    I do love Fords. The 2013 model seems to have good ratings, according to those folks I know who own one.

  2. Nice truck...Black vehicles are tough to keep clean....I had a black car several times and suffered through washing them! I love my heated seats and steering wheel!

    1. That is the only thing I'm not fond of! She does look good when she's clean but even parked after a fresh wash she's dirty within a day or two :(


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