Thursday, March 25, 2021

I got a "camera man"!

Look what came in the mail today!! :D

 With riding by myself a lot, and with the next few years having green horses to work with it just seems like a smart idea.  I know last fall when I was putting rides on Paige for my friend/boarder I sure wished I had someone to video me - or a Pivo ;)
So when they went on sale again recently I bought one.  I went with the silver over the red because it's supposed to be 2x faster.  I chose the starter pack which includes the Pivo pad, the smart mount, and a carrying case.  

I've been watching a few videos that friends have been posting and even with darker horses and clothing they're videos have been good.  Which was a concern for me with my herd of bays lol

I'm hoping to get familiar with it the next few days and maybe by Sunday take it for a "test ride"

Does anyone else out in blogland have a Pivo?  Any tips to share?

And for anyone who's interested in buying one here's a link 


  1. I have heard about them; looking forward to your videos- you know you have to post them now!


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