Thursday, August 9, 2018

Blogger fail... reboot

Yesterday was my first post in, hmmm... 5 months. Wow. Other than crappy rural internet (still, horses are at home so it's worth it!) and a few technical glitches when I've had time and decent internet to try to post I don't have any real good excuses. I do know I've missed blogging, it's nice to have it to look back at as a reminder of things if nothing else.
Wordless Wednesday yesterday featured Sarita, my little filly is growing up!  She came back from the trainer in July.  CS put a 2 month start on her, and a few times threatened to steal her.  He and his wife were very impressed with how smart, willing, and athletic she is.  Now that she's home and I've had a few rides on her I have to say I am more than happy with her too.  The only downside is she may be too smart!  She catches on to stuff quick, I'll have to be careful not to teach her the "wrong" stuff yikes!
There have been a few changes in the crew around here, so I'll be updating that section in the near future.  And there are a some updates to post as well.


  1. You must have read Aurora's post on all the missing bloggers!
    Good to have you back to blogging. Facebook is getting very boring, trying to scroll through endless memes and "shares" to get to the stuff that matters, like what my friends are doing with their horses :)

  2. Between the ears pics are simply the best!!


Wordless Wednesday ~ new trailer!