Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gonzo Ninja Cowgirl

I took Odin with me to my lesson yesterday.  It was his third time being used in lessons but probably about a month since he was at a lesson. He hasn't been ridden much in between and for the most part he was good.
For.  The.  Most.  Part.
He and I both earned new nicknames though, he was "little asshole!" and I became Ninja Cowgirl.
For some reason he just could/would NOT lope to the right.  I don't mean he wouldn't pick up his right lead.  He wouldn't go into a lope. 
He's not sore, he's just a stubborn little *bleep*.  He picked up a lope to the left just fine too. 
We did finally get him going to the right, but it took riding like (as my coach said) a "gonzo ninja cowgirl" to get him moving (hence the new name lol)  I rode hard and like a crazy person, had to kinda get all over the place, there must have been a few ninja moments because I know there were a few times I wondered how I was staying in the saddle ;)  It was a workout!  (but hey, the horses do all the work right lmao)
I know what our homework is, good thing it's nice out!


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