Saturday, April 26, 2014

Three Legged Lame

Thank goodness I'm not being literal and it's not one of the horses I'm referring to!  But sadly I am referring to myself :(

Awhile back I had started to get a lot of soreness in my left foot.  It was right around when I was planning to start the C25K (Couch to 5K) training for some races I had decided to enter this summer with my friend Nell. 

I babied it along and kept putting off doing any running, switched out my work shoes and got really good insoles.  But man oh man, every day after work my foot was k.i.l.l.i.n.g me.  Standing 8+ hours on a hard floor with very little walking and anti-fatigue mats that were so worn out they were more of an idea than an actual mat... that was NOT helping anything.

Finally I couldn't take it any longer, I went to the doc and was sent for x-rays and a note for my boss that I had to take at least 10 days off work.

The diagnosis I was expecting was plantar fasciitis.  Well, I was partly right.  There's also a heel spur.  (dangit!!) 

Doc said NO running until I lose at least 20lbs.  **sigh**  Umm, "running" was supposed to be part of the plan to help me do that. 
("running" because let's face it, it would most likely be fast walking and jogging lol)

So now, no Bridge City Boogie (sorry Nell!) but I'm still hoping to be able to do the Mud Run later in the summer.  In the meantime it's time to get riding and leg up ponies, we've got some barrel jackpots scheduled!

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  1. man!Am I ever behind on your blog! hope the foot is better now


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