Monday, January 20, 2014


Is this thing on? Is anyone still there? 

I've totally neglected my poor little blog, and I've been missing it! 

With how much I stare at a computer at work, and then Facebook to catch up with friends & family, the blog suffered.
But good ole Facebook just isn't the same as blogging, different audience so to speak. Plus most "posts" are just quick little updates, and if they weren't... well most people don't bother reading long (and, to be honest, often rambling) updates.

Bottom line, I'm going to attempt to post more regularly here on the blog... if anyone is still there that is.


  1. I AM!! ;-)

    Been missing your blog too!!

  2. You haz to share pix of your not-as-phat-as-mine ponies! hehehehe (Yeah not everyone is gonna get that reference! LOLOLOLOL)

  3. I'm here blog has been neglected as well and I keep waffling about whether to start posting again...

  4. Thanks guys! And Laura, please keep posting I'm loving your new adventures now that you have your own place and have started showing :)


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