Thursday, October 24, 2013

I need a money tree

 It's that time of year... temps are getting cold so things are getting plugged in and the electric dials spin faster and faster.
I had to break down and turn the furnace up (electric heat is NOT cheap y'all!)  Monday we'll probably be kicking in the pellet stove.  I wanted to wait until there was a good week or so when either Pie or I would be home so it wouldn't be unattended for any length of time when we first get it going.
Heaters are on in all the automatic waterers.
Soon the heat lamp will be on full time in the coop.  Hopefully we'll only need one this year.  There are a few more birds plus we've insulated some of the walls.
Still to come are plugging in the tractor and vehicles.  Oh, and I've got to get some straw in for the winter.

On top of all that, Pie took Betty (the Ford F250) in for a wheel alignment and some new tires. 
We got a call that it would be $4500... apparently she needs a ton of work.  Struts, brakes, ball joints, etc etc.
Umm. NO.  I'm not spending that much fixing it up, not when she's only worth about 8k.
Thankfully Pie's buddy Jerry was able to do a bunch of the work, for about $1000 parts & labour.  She still needs the ball joints, wheel alignment and new tires but that other work saved us a l.o.t.of money!
Still that's more money that we didn't really need/want to dish out right now... I guess it will be awhile longer before I replace my broken iPod.


  1. I hear ya about all the electricity this time of is kinda crazy!!! I haven't plugged in my trough heater yet - soon though. We are just starting to get some heavy frosts.

    Too bad about the $$ for the truck repairs! Yikes! I'm trying to convince the hubby to get a used truck, but maybe I shouldn't... :-S Good thing a friend was able to do most of the repairs for you!

    If I find a money tree, I'll send you some! :-)

  2. I so know that feeling, I am dreading the day I have to turn on the waterers! so far we are getting off easy, but I know its coming . Always something on the farm, we get our calf cheque and it seems immediately we will need a tire for the tractor ($1500.oo or more ) or some dang thing

  3. The cost to get a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. done these days is just astronomical. I just dread it.

    I was astounded when I tallied up the receipts for everything I did to those 2 rooms in Chris's shop and it was almost $3,000. That was just for supplies. Holy crap!!!

  4. I need one too, if you find one will you share? it does get ridiculous and there is never enough money around for everything we all want to do.


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