Monday, August 19, 2013

Small victories

I'll take 'em where I can get 'em!
We just wrapped up this barrel season, our district's mini finals were this weekend. Saturday & Sunday, all day in the blazing heat. It was fun though, I got to catch up with old friends and made some new ones!
I haven't been out to a lot of jackpots this year (or last), I also wasn't able to ride as much as I'd hoped this summer so I went with a very out of shape Voodoo.
Darn I love that little black horse!!  He may never be more than a 3D horse, but he tries for me every time - even when I haven't been fair to him and expect him to run his fat little ass off in the heat.
What I don't love, is the gate drama he's acquired.  Little hops & spins... he's not sore though thank goodness, he's just so amp'd up to get in and run.  Fortunately there were girls that were willing to help.  Voodoo had a couple pony friends walk him to the gate his first three runs (there were 2 runs each day).
We didn't clock that well, but I wasn't expecting to considering everything lol
Then on my final run KD asked if I wanted her to walk us up.  She was on foot so I said "Sure, if you're willing.  No promises that he won't rear, or maybe squish you."
I was up right after a rake, so while the quad was running KD just took hold of the cheek piece of his bridle and led Voodoo around in big circles, slowly getting closer to the gate.  When the rake was done and the gate opened we were just a dozen or so steps away. 
Voodoo didn't try to spin, pop or rear at all.  He just calmly walked forward and then a few steps away I said "OK I think we're good now."  KD let go and Voodoo entered the arena just fine.  I put my hands forward and he shot off for first.
Seeing as I didn't have to worry about getting him in the gate, or even toward the gate, I was sitting ready and was able to get both Voodoo and myself properly prepared as we ran for first and we had a nice barrel.
small victory!
We had our best 2nd barrel out of our four runs too.  I had been anticipating the turn a bit too much and rating too soon.  We'd been clean on 1st and 2nd for all the runs, they just weren't too pretty. 
This time, it was nice!  I remembered to ride to were I needed to be and not worry (anticipate the turn), we just ran to our spot and turned.
small victory!
We'd knocked 3rd on our second run the day before.  Our first run we had a nice 3rd barrel, and it was pretty ugly on our first run Sunday.  This time it was nice!  We rounded it and headed for home, kicking all the way to the timer (another problem for me lol)
another small victory!
 I came out of the arena pretty happy with my run, it was definitely the best of the four.  Voodoo had run pretty consistent all weekend but I was really quite surprised to hear the time... a full second faster than my other runs!
small victory!
I was even more surprised though when at the end of the day the day monies for both days were being doled out and we actually won some!  Last paid spot in 3D, and hardly any cash, but we still got some money! :)
small victories indeed!


  1. Hey - a bit of money is a victory! Gotta love the multiple small victories too - it sure helps your confidence and the horse's confidence. Great job! Nice to have some good friends there to help out a bit too.

    I love Voodoo's bling - very snazzy!!!

  2. Fantastic! I am glad that you were able to get out and ride and be around friends old and new. Sometimes I think the experience of just being there is as fun as the actual competing. Voodoo sounds like a real keeper! Yee Haw!

  3. Boy, I can relate to the enthusiasm for 'small victories'...The thing is...those 'small' victories are what add up. So don't ever discount them!!

    The gate thing seems to be something that most horses go through. It sounds like you are working it out and before you know it, VooDoo will figure it out too. I can tell you one thing that helped me (and Moon) was, I stopped thinking about 'the gate' and started thinking about what was through the gate. Whatever Moon does, I stay focused on what's on the other side of 'the gate' and as he moves closer, I keep moving my eyes up the line toward the 1st barrel until I can clearly lock onto where I want to go. The interesting thing about that tactic is, it keeps us riding forward, 'the gate' becomes non-existant. :-)

  4. Ya lots of small victories! Next year will be your year to get out and go get em!


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