Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ages ago...

I hosted a jackpot and totally meant to write this post (June 3rd).  Then life intervened, it's been doing that an awful lot lately.

I didn't run at my jackpot, instead I was up in the announcer booth with my friend Scott.  For once I was kinda glad that I wasn't able to run, listening to Scott cracked me up!

First, to set the scene... I have a nice size arena.  We can fit in a regulation pattern :)  The timer line was about 50' from the gate (maybe it was 40' but I think it was 50')  so for those girls that run in hard they are really cruising.
Well the first five or so girls that ran in Scott would jump and exclaim "Oh my God!".
Now Scott is a very experienced, capable horseperson, he's my go to guy for help and my saviour dealing with Odin's darn leg wounds (thanks again Scott, you're an awesome friend!).  So every time he did that I would laugh. 
Finally he said "You have to understand, in my world if we hear horses coming like that something is VERY WRONG."  
(he breeds and shows halter & WP horses)
I replied "Well, in my world if you DON'T hear a horse coming like that, something is wrong!" and we both chuckled.

Something else happened during and after the jackpot.  Something almost unheard of.  I had several girls come up to me and tell me in person, or text me, or PM me on Facebook... to tell me the ground was good!  :o
Now, those of you that barrel race or hang around barrel racers will get why that is pretty neat to hear!

For those of you that don't this old joke may explain it for you:

Did you hear they cremate barrel racers?

Really?  Why?

Because the ground is never good enough!


  1. Sounds like you have a great spot to host events! Having good ground is a major bonus - hopefully you can get your gang fit-up and running soon!

  2. Haha love the joke! Ground is probly the hardest part of n arena and if yours is good you are set! You hosting more jackpots this summer?


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