Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So long yet it seems like yesterday...

Eleven years, it should be a long time and yet so often it feels like yesterday.
I'm someone that doesn't remember the details of many days in the past.  There are certain moments that are hard to forget, but huge chunks of time in a whole day?  Not so much.  However September 11th, 2001 remains vivid to me.
So much so that driving to a job interview today, listening to the radio I made the mistake of listening to the news/talk channel and welling up.
great for a first impression, 
thank goodness I had time to compose myself

It seems this is the case for most of us, and I'd leave it there except I need to say shame on NBC!  While many people in the USA, Canada and other countries felt the pain of today what did NBC do?
Instead of observing a moment of silence starting at 8:46 am ET they kept with regular broadcasting.
Now if that had been something relevant to the day, or even another topic but something of substance and importance it may be forgivable.  But what did they air?  An interview about breast implants with a trashy 'reality tv' "star".  Disgusting.

**image above found via Google images.  Credit here**


  1. Amen.

    And good luck with the job- fingers crossed for you!

  2. I found myself very tearful yesterday morning, before I even realized the date,It affects me that way every year,Hubby and I sat quietly talking about the events of that day, and the effect on us and the world . We paid our own homage to the lives and the brave souls lost. The media seems only interested these days in the flash and trash,very disheartening

  3. Not sure what the job was for but the fact that you were emotional about such a great tragedy and remembered it , respecting the losses , should not have counted against you


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