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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He still isn't sick of me

Yesterday Pie & I "celebrated" our 7th wedding anniversary. Oh yeah it was quite a party... he drove me to the chiropractor, we went and picked up feed, went out for burgers at lunch (ok so I *am* a burger girl and it *is* one of my fav burger joints)

In other news:
Since George has been out in the pasture keeping Miss Cessa company I've noticed that I don't hear the coyotes from out back as much as I used to. "Out back" being out where the larger pasture is. Its the pasture that I usually have Cessa & George in.
I know donkeys are good for predator control but even one as tiny as George? Those coyotes I'm SURE had a spot they were living in back there. JK (the former owner) said he would work up the track and when he passed over it a second time there would already be paw prints on it... and his dog was left at the house.
I very rarely hear coyotes out that way lately although I do still hear them from the neighbours on either side and across the road.

Cessa update, my (awesome) small animal vet did a bit of asking around and located a horse vet with a very good reputation. I am going to try to get her to come out and check out Cessa's teeth, her overall health, do a fecal count and review our feed program/options.
Kinda funny but since I posted asking y'alls advice (Thanks!) I've noticed more of a spark in her eye and spring in her step. She's even been doing her big, floaty trot whenever I've led her anywhere :D

Tucker is still the love of my life. That little brat thinks he runs the place. Comet has finally come on board and accepted him, he will even play with the little guy now. Pretty funny to see a little Boston Terrier puppy controlling a big labX dog lol.

Our new place has electric heat and 2 pellet stoves, one in the basement family room and one upstairs in the living room. My mom & stepdad came over Sunday for a visit. Stepdad looked over the stoves and showed me how to operate the one upstairs. Yes sadly it was cold enough to light it for awhile. The upstairs one is pretty simple, the downstairs one is a bit more complicated.

Haven't really been riding lately. Have been getting horrible headaches and migraines for almost 3 weeks now. Hoping to feel good enough to get on in the next few days. Fingers crossed for warmer weather! I really need to be getting some miles on the boys. Not sure which one is going yet but we're signed up for an Ed Wright clinic and its just around the corner!


  1. Cessa sounds like she's saying it ain't over yet!

    Our two little dogs are Jack Russell/Chihuahua mixes. Cindi is more Chi even though she's bigger. Martha is more Jack and a little tyrant. She chases our Dobie and takes flying leaps at her ears. Very entertaining.

    Have fun at the clinic.

  2. Lots going on...

    I hope you like the Ed Wright clinic. I have really been wanting to attend one of his clinics. Missed the one here last month, but heard he was in a good mood.

    I don't know if you have experience with Ed, but he is naturally a tough guy, but I hear he has had some really bad days and made people cry.

    I don't care how mean he is, I just want him to help me fix my problems with 2nd barrel.

    Oh, and of course you can send me emails...silly. ;) fast _ draw 4 5 at live _ com (just remove all of the spaces)

    Hope your headaches/migraines go away soon.

  3. Wow sounds busy around there.
    Hope the migranes are gone, how awful to have them for three weeks.
    Glad t hear Cessa is better, but Im not sure donkeys keep coyotes away, Ive seen them walk right through corrals where donkeys live and they ignore them, but if yours does, excellent!

  4. Sorry about the headaches, migrains suck! And happy aniversary. My Mom and Dad's fav Aniversary restaurant is the burger Baron , so seeing as they have been married 47yrs ,it sounds like a good traditon

  5. Ughh...sorry about those headaches. They can really set you back....

    Next, congratulations on your anniversary!!! Mine is coming up next week (14 years).

    And too funny about Tucker! My Tucker controls our 50 pound Aussie as well. Maybe it is the name??? LOL : )

  6. Happy anniversary, a little late! Nice to hear that Cessa is showing some spark, hope the vet gives you good advice on keeping her going for a while more.
    Migrains- stay away from coffee and chocolate! (My two favourites...) Hope they clear up quick so you can enjoy the clinic.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!
    Sounds like you have been very busy!!
    I have always wanted a Boston Terrier, and my OH and I have discussed that we might be too old for more Aussie's when it is time for us to get another dog, so I told him that we will be getting a Boston! I have waited a long, long time already!

  8. Err! Just lost my comment.

    Was saying... congrats on your anniversary! I would be happy with burgers too:) It's the company that counts anyways.

    I hope that your vet will help you get Cessa in order, she sounds like she's got years left in her yet!

    I also look forward to hearing how things go at the Ed Wright clinic, I have a friend looking to do one before the end of the year... I guess I wont tell her what BECG had to say! lol

  9. Congrats! Burgers are good! Sorry about the migraines, painful! Donkeys kill coyotes, often thought about getting one for here or a mule. We have two pellet burners and I tell ya, they are wonderful. One of the best investments we've ever made!