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Sunday, July 11, 2010

For want of a camera cord...

I'd have a bunch of great pics to show you guys but I can NOT find my camera cord. Yup, the one that downloads all my photos to the computer. THAT camera cord.
Keeping a camera on me or nearby and handy is still a habit I'm trying to get into. I really need to try harder 'cause I've missed some pretty nice photo ops. Like Olive & Ethel playing in the trees. Like the two fawns drinking out of the puddle in my front yard.
Like the dogs lookin' cute. And of course the ponies lookin' cute.
In the meantime I'm unpacking.
Yes STILL. I try to work on it some everyday but I do have work to go to, horses to take care of, laundry and housework.
Okay okay okay so I should be unpacked by now. I know. But honestly my "free" time to unpack is limited.
I am trying to get it done however, I need my camera cord ya know! lol


  1. If you have a memory card in your camera, you can get a USB plug in that you slip your card into from Walmart, it's what I use and they are really handy; you can plug into any computer with them.Mine is made by Lexar. Sounds like some nice photo ops you missed!

  2. I'm really bad about forgetting my camera...or if I have it, I forget to get it out.

    We are hoping to get moved into the new house the first of September...that is if I ever get it done-LOL.

    You 'sound' happy though. Things will get unpacked in due time.

  3. Lost mine last week! Just after completing a a two day ride! Still havent found the damn thing!

  4. My new computer has the slot where you put the camera card right in, as soon as I found that, I was so happy, I could throw away the cord!

  5. Try putting the memory card in the computer -- I have had luck with that sometimes (and sometimes not -- not sure what I was doing wrong). Crazy how we are so "wired up" these days, isn't it??? Glad to hear you are loving your new place. We have been in our house for about 18 years now, and I still have an unpacked box from the move in the upstairs closet...

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