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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to our house!

Pull on into the driveway, park by the garage and we'll take a quick tour.
Or at least the outdoors tour... the house itself is still box central.
We'll start in the back yard (seeing as that's the order Blogger wants us to go lol)
Looking out from the deck we pan the yard, right to left:
Between those trees you can catch a glimpse of the round pen. And yes to the right that is a part of the house.

Between these two trees is my favourite path, the one to the barn yard! :)

And the yard continues...
STILL the back yard, good thing we bought a riding mower!

And the end of the backyard tour, that's the (detached) two car garage to the left.

View of the house from the break in the shelter belt. (House & backyard in front of me, barnyard is behind me)
Front of house.


  1. I love the country look of your yard. It is so big that you can always use it for pasture.

  2. that's your YARD!!!!!??

    amazing, but i know you have much more to show. come on, show us!


  3. Looks great - but what a teaser! I want barns and horses and things too!


    So glad you guys finally found a place that met your needs...

    Looking forward to the next post with the barn!

  4. looks great! Can't wait to see the barn & other horse stuff! :-)

  5. I can see why you wanted this place! Love the big trees; always a plus in Saskatchewan!If you don't have a garden, there sure is plenty of room for one. Have you checked out wireless sticks for your internet? That's what I use, it's real simple to use; if you have cell coverage you can use one. We have one stick and it works on either Ted's laptop or my desktop. They are getting really popular, Telus has them now, so maybe Sasktel does? Love having highspeed.

  6. Oh yeah- cool that you changed your header and blog description!

  7. Duuuude CDN, that is awesome. AWESOME!!

    Know what looks the best??

    NEIGHBORS!!!!!! (Aside from the ones who say "neigh" that is! LOL)

  8. Awesome!!!

    I can only imagine how good you and Pie must feel to finally have the ranchette you guys have dreamed about for so long. And this one looks glorious!

  9. How cool! It looks good, but i wanna see barns and horse pens and horses of course.

  10. Oooh! So excited! Everything looks amazing! All those trees! All that green grass! The great house, the yard! Awesome! I'm so happy for you!!!

    But don't leave us all hanging. Where are the horses settled in? Where's the barn. You know how we all feel about the horse facilities. We'd rather live in the barn than the house anyway. lol!

    Wonderful new header and blog title, too!

    So very happy for you guys!


  11. Ooooooh!!!! All em trees! All that grass!! YAY!!! I am so happy for you! Looks awesome.

  12. NICE! Oh, you must just be in heaven. Congrats!!!! What fun you will have there and never want to leave.

  13. Congratulations!! Looks like a fabulous place!!!