Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blankety Goodness

Wow this week has been C-O-L-D! I'm talking anywhere from -20C to -30C... before windchill was added, which often brought the temps into the -40s (for my American friends that is -4F to -22F before the windchill is added)
Sunday it hadn't gotten too cold yet so Ben, Jacquie and I still went penning. As I've mentioned before that is also the day we moved the horses in from the back pasture. When I got back I brought Cessa in to recheck her owie. I left the door open and Applejack wandered in to see what was up.
With all three horses in I decided it was a good time to throw their blankets on. I knew there was a chilly week ahead but was originally going to wait until I came out on Monday. I am SO glad I went ahead and put blankets on Sunday evening because it got very cold overnight.
Monday I took pics of the kids in their winter clothes:

Applejack is modeling last year's Wrangler blanket. It came in a khaki/tan-ish colour with navy. Its a been a tad abused so has some mended spots but overall held up VERY well and is a good blanket. I didn't have any problems with sweat or moisture with this blanket last year.
(Applejack would like to ask that you please ignore the fact that he has gotten a bit tubby and his belly hangs out a bit)

Voodoo modeling his brand new Weatherbeeta. It came with a removable neck piece and is in shades of green. I love these blankets; they are breathable, very water-resistant and have a nice comfy fit.

Cessa modeling her new blanket. And you know what... I can not for the life of me remember what kind it is! It is a gorgeous chocolatey brown with blue and cream lines. The lines are "glow in the dark". It was advertised as water resistant/breathable. Originally it was to be for Voodoo but didn't fit him well, kinda choked up on his neck too much when he went to put his head down. That was okay because it fit Cessa nicely. I like a blanket with a bit more drape on her, the poor old girl doesn't need to waste as many calories staying warm with a blanket that covers down her legs and around her belly!
I feel quite relieved, not only do the horses have a nice big bale of hay, water from an automatic waterer and a shelter but they have good winter clothes to help them deal with this weather :)


  1. I bet they enjoy their winter clothes! Brr.... cold!

  2. Your horses are all stylin'!The blanket I use on Beamer is made by Glocer, it's the Canadiana Storm blanket. It has 8 years of use and is in great shape. It is water repellent , made from cordura. I've checked it after rain and snow, and it never gets wet inside. The secret to keeping them water proof is to not wash them in a machine as this can disintegrate the waterproof lining on the cordura. I use a vacuum, then hose and scrub brush with an organic, skin friendly cleanser in the spring.

  3. I've had good luck with Weatherbeetas rain sheets too, although I like the Rambo/Rhinos for heavy blankets. Your guys look warm and cosy.

  4. Glad that the gang is all warm and toasty in their new clothes! Too bad that your temps are that low already! Hopefully things warm up a bit... -15C would be toasty!

  5. Ooohhh, I really like Cesna's blanket. Pretty!!

  6. Oh, meant to tell you that your Wordless Wednesday photos were very beautiful. Definitely frameworthy!!

  7. All your ponies look warm and cozy. Cessa is gorgeous in her blankie. Looks like a show horse!
    It's really gotten cold there. wow! All you need now is some snow. It's been snowing here all evening, off and on. But our temps are only in the 30 F degree range.


  8. Maddie has the same blankie as Applejack! The coloring isn't my favorite, but it IS a really nice blanket!

    I'll be taking it off her as it's gone back to being 50 degrees again outside. Would have done it a couple days ago, but we're having torrential rains here and she seems comfortable. Must get her a sheet. Must get her a sheet. Must get her a sheet.


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