Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 2

It was a pretty mellow day today. There wasn't a whole lot going on.
Our district is responsible for setting up the arena so we marked the pattern and hung up signs. There were quite a few so whichever district did the sponsorship did a good job!
We had toonie runs today. Kinda like a time only but without the timers. You were allowed to buy a max of 3 minutes to work your horse ithe arena. I bought 2 minutes. I'm hoping to avoid a repeat of last year when Applejack ran in and saw the crowd at 1st and wondered who the heck all those people were!
He was a bit alert, not spooky just a bit tense. It ended up ok though so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.
I also got my office/stall/camping fees paid. And checked out the trade show - some very nice stuff!
Time for bed. Early day tomorrow. There's a mandatory meeting for all competitors at 8 and the barrel racing starts at 9. Youth go first. Open is to start at noon. Things usually run late the first day though. Add that I'm number 227 and it'll be a long day.

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