Wednesday, May 6, 2009

He'll be a heckuva horse

Just not for me. :(
I went and gave Mr Plain-brown-wrapper another test ride Monday evening. I took a few of my bridles with different bits.
Kimfer looked at him in the pen and I could tell she wasn't too impressed. I said, "Remember he's not going to win any beauty contests, but he will win some paychecks! And he's one of those horses that looks like a complete plain jane until you put a saddle on and put him through his paces."
And he is. Mr Plain looks like a totally different horse when you put him to work. But I digress...
Kimfer came with me and we took turns trying him out. He was fine at first, but when we headed over to the arena he was really jiggy and just didn't seem to want to settle.
And then when we went into the arena, well that was when the real inkling of him not being The One started to set in.
Kimfer opened the gate and he leapt through it. This horse definitely knows what an in gate is. Here is why this was strike one for me: This was only his third time going into this arena. There were no barrels set up. There were no other horses, people, trailers, basically anything that should signal "competition time". If he was this much more keen today than the day before how will he be at an actual jackpot? Or after barrel racing for a month or two?
The second, and major for me, sign of it being a "no" was when Kimfer was trying to get him to trot and he kept jumping into a lope. She gave him a firm correction and he popped up. Not a full rear but the threat of one was there.
For me rearing is an even bigger no deal than bucking.
I know a hard running, competitive horse may be a bit hot, but this guy just showed all the signs of being hotter than I want to deal with. I could be wrong, this could be as hot as he'll get and if it was that would be fine. But I just can't chance it. I don't want to make a mistake and get a horse that I feel is too much for me. After all I'm still working on regaining a lot of the confidence I lost with the Quinn fiasco.
The good news is Mr Tim has another buyer lined up and he'll get way more money from him. (They were going to honor the original price they gave me even after realizing they could sell him for a lot more)


  1. Good decision; you have to look past the possibility of paychecks to the reality of compatibility. The right one is still out there!

  2. Go with your gut, there were times I wished I had. There's somethin' better out there. Good decision!

  3. Back to the drawing board - but no worries you'll find what you are looking for.

  4. You do what you have to do....sorry it didn't work out, but if your intuition is giving you red flags, you have to pay attention.

  5. Sorry he didnt work out! *frown* but glad that you figured that out quickly and didnt get to invested in him. I LOVE shopping horses and HATE is SO hard, I know that you will find "the one" when the time is right.


  6. Good for you being able to see past the plain brown paper looks, but wise enough to see when a situation might not be in your best interest.

    There's plenty of horses out there. I just know you'll find the one for you. Horse shopping is just part of the fun. :)


  7. Better to look carefully now than have regrets. Measure twice cut once.So sorry it did not work out but that only means there is someone waiting for you to arrive .
    May you find the perfect fit soon !
    Blessings to you .

  8. That's too bad, but like everyone else said, better to find out now than when you buy him and he is home.
    The right horse will come along! I also hate horse shopping, well the shopping ain't bad, it's the decisions!

  9. I'm sure you'll find The One and soon. I like your attitude about seeing past the plain wrapper.

  10. Good choice, its hard to find the "one" but when you do you'll know. Then you won't be like me and selling the one who's not the one - lol.

  11. Well, darn the luck. Good thinking taking Kimfer with you! In the end, you always have to go with your comfort level and your gut.

  12. Too bad he didn't work out...but at least you know for sure.

    Hopefully you'll find some more prospects soon!

  13. Good luck with the continued horse search. Disappointing, but I completely hear you on not wanting to buy a rearer! Keep us posted :)


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